Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Babak Taherloo

Exhibition Class


  1. Hi Babak,

    I need you to start working in your blog for this week. Remember this is the only way you will be able to prove your personal and individual work through the term and that you are expected to present a printed version of it at the end of the course. So start working on it as soon as possible. I recommend you to start with the most important part: selection of 3 images you're expected to give to the web and graphic team for this week. Once you've done that, continue by uploading images of the different concepts you have developed through these weeks for your personal branding: logo (if you have one), typo, palette of colours, and some of the ideas to work in your CV and business card.
    Also, remember that this blog will be part of your personal branding (in case you don't have your personal website) so start working with colours and typo you can use and blend the 3 together: CV, business card and blog.
    Also, don't forget to contact your team leader in order to know what tasks you are expected to do for this week and ensure to mention them in your blog and what are you planning to do during this week to tackle them.

    See you soon,

  2. Hi Babak,

    Please be sure to upload all the information in regards your personal branding and how you are supporting your team for the final exhibition.